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Duration of a First Class FAA Pilot Medical Certificate There are three classes of FAA medical certificates and they have different medical standards. First Class Rules Airline Transport Pilots. Table for Determining Duration of a First Class Aviation Medical Certificate. Age on Date of First Class Medical Exam If you are conducting operations requiring

Pilot Medical Certification Questions and Answers - Federal Aviation. The medical standards are listed in Part 67 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. LASIK and other forms of vision corrective surgery have potentially. to the Aerospace Medical Certification Division in Oklahoma City; and.

Medical Certification - Federal Aviation Administration In the United States, there are three classes of medical certifications for pilots; such certificates are required to legally exercise the privileges of a Pilot exercising the privileges of either a Private, Commercial or Airline Transport Pilot license. Request a Copy of Your Medical Certificate ยท Locate an Aviation Medical Examiner AME; Locate a HIMS Human Intervention Motivation.

Drug Use Trends in Aviation A first class medical certificate is required for all pilots involved in commercial aviation. A first-class medical certificate is also required to act as a required flht crewmember in a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations CFR Part 121 air carrier operation if the pilot is 60 or older. Cardura, Doxadura, Cascor. Tambocor. * Lasix.

FAA Pilot License and Lasik, PRK, LASEK, Epi-Lasik, etc. - USAEyes Conventional or custom wavefront Lasik, PRK, LASEK, and other forms of refractive surgery for pilots present no particular problems with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA allows Lasik laser vision correction, plus monovision correction for older. or better, a pilot may get a Third Class Airman Medical Certificate approval.

FAA Medications, FAA Medical Certification, FAA Approved. As every pilot knows, two licenses are required to fly: a pilot certificate and a medical certificate. Analgesics Most medications in this class are not approved. Second-Class Medicals, every 12 months for Restricted Second- and Third-Class. Maxzide, Moduretic Combinations; Dyrenium Triaerene; Lasix Furosemide; Lozol.

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