Prednisone and menstrual cycle

By sandy8510 | 15-Feb-2018 04:30

Prednisone and menstruation - MedHelp The side effects of prednisone include: 1) Unpredictable effect (stress, well-being, anxiety, depression, restlessness, etc.) on mood. Prednisone and menstruation. people that understand my symptoms. I had my first episode last september and they went away after taking a short cycle of prednisone.

Apo-Prednisone - Uses, Side Effects, Interactions - People who are suffering from mental illness or those who are having weak mental health are at hhest risk of experiencing mood swings. Take prednisone with food to avoid stomach upset. If this medication has been taken for extended periods, do not stop taking it without talking with your doctor.

Can Prednisone tabs cause a menstral cycle to cease and can. I was put on dexamethasone (similar to prednisone but stronger) when I was diagnosed with adrenal hyperplasia. I had many side effects during treatment, but I have cleared the virus. My cycle is very regular and only lasts about 5 days. Can Prednisone tabs cause a menstral cycle to cease and can it cause more blood flow? Asked. She had stopped her menstrual cycle years ago.

Prednisone and menstrual cycle:

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