Can zyprexa cause hallucinations

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Zyprexa withdrawals - Bluelht Hey guys, i have been on Zyprexa for about 10 years and i am starting to come off - i kept taking it through the 100 lbs weht gain and the zombifying sedation, but now with dozens of cavities (6 rht now) and my LDL cholesterol above 240 i am ing it quits. Hey guys, i have been on Zyprexa for about 10 years and i am starting to. person can have hallucinations and delusions while stopping zyprexa. discontinuation of zyprexa can also cause psoriasis, gingivitis and other.

Treatment of Behavioral Symptoms When to Consider Antipsychotic. My doc gave the go ahead to take 5mg 2 weeks ago - i had been on 20 mg before - then 15 mg for a year or so - then 10 mg for a few months - but, now i am starting to feel the real come down - the veins in my head feel really stretched a lot of the time and i feel funny like the first 20 minutes after you take LSD.. This paper discusses some of the causes of behavioral symptoms, as well as. It can be hard for families and people with LBD to cope with hallucinations and. Some atypical antipsychotic medications like olanzapine and risperidone.

Zyprexa olanzapine - NetDoctor Olanzapine belongs to of medications known as antipsychotic/antimanic agents. Zyprexa tablets, velotabs and injection all contain the active ingredient. with the delusions and hallucinations that are a feature of this disease. The components of tobacco smoke can cause this medicine to be removed.

Can zyprexa cause hallucinations:

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