Long term side effects of effexor

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Effexor Long-Term Side Effects Effexor is a dual purpose antidepressant released by Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories and approved by the FDA in October 1997. Effexor is used to treat depression and belongs to a of antidepressants ed selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors or SNRIs.

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Effexor - FDA Effexor boosts serotonin levels in the synapse in similar fashion to other SSRI's. The efficacy of Effexor venlafaxine hydrocoride as a treatment for major depressive. cholesterol levels should be considered during long-term treatment.

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Effexor Forums - MedsChat Im wondering if anyone else has been on them this long or longer, and if they noticed any changes in side effects over time? How long does it take for effexor to work. Could also be imagining these side effects as i am feeling very anxious about. effexor- effectiveness and side effects. in the discussion threads snifies your agreement with the Terms of Use.

What is the effect on the brain of <em>long</em>-<em>term</em> use of <em>effexor</em>?

What is the effect on the brain of long-term use of effexor? However, this dose is generally achieved after a 1-2 week titration period. Often the game plan will include psychotherapy and medication. Is doing psychotherapy, there will need to be talk between 3 team members. That said, generics can vary in the inactive ingredients and some may perceive a difference. Does long-term use of effexor lead to memory loss, brain damge and/or dementia. Elaine, I was wondering about some of the side effects you stated about Effexor.

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Effexor side effects long term - MedHelp However, this dose is generally achieved after a 1-2 week titration period. Read more Effexor (venlafaxine) is used to treat depression and anxiety. Effexor side effects long term. is low and by how much. Wouldn't this help in RX. Are there any neg. long term side effects from Effexor or other SSRI's?

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Common and Rare Side Effects for Effexor XR oral - WebMD We are aware of better resolutions to problems than a lifetime of Effexor side effects and antidepressant medicating. Infrequent and rare side effects of Effexor XR oral. Abnormally Long or Heavy. I agree to the WebMD Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy and understand that.

Long term side effects of effexor:

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