Aura soma essences

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Essences and Sprays - Aura Soma - Page 1 - AristiA To make an appointment, please (204) 792-8723. Helps to relax and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit as well as being beneficial for the face. Soma is an ancient Greek word for body. It is also present in Sanskrit as a mysterious drink that transports the soul into divine ecstasy. Aura Soma's name was.

Ontdek de kleure wereld van Aura-Soma! Available at several locations: Paramount Massage on Marion St./ Back In Motion on Pembina Hwy./ Island Lake in S. Promotes overall relaxation, improves circulation, reduces muscle tension. The book describes 84 Butterfly essences and 42 Sea essences made by 'Spirit' with the assistance of Erik Pelham. He works for and is fully supported by Aura-Soma Products.

AURA-SOMA® - Aura-Soma Society of New Zealand Inc No, well nor had I until recently when I had a wonderful massage near Mullumbimby. The AURA-SOMA® system provides you with a way of accessing yourself. bottles of rainbow coloured oils, special essences, pomanders and quintessences.

Healing with Aura-Soma - by Ayal Hurst - Trans4mind To begin your free mini Aura Soma Reading, look through all 115 EQUILIBRIUM bottles below. Click on the bottles to access a description of their supportive qualities. Aura-Soma products are ed "living essences", and they work directly and specifiy with the person using them, attuning themselves to the individual.

Aura soma essences:

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